You have your property ready to get on the market and fly but it is empty and looking a bit bare. It is certainly different to that warm homely feel you want to portray to your prospective buyers. Have you heard of home staging/styling? It is brilliant idea that originated in the United States and has taken the Australian property market by storm, capturing small units to luxury homes. 

So, what exactly is home staging? To put it simply, it is about understanding your property, it’s best features and selling points then styling the property based around these attributes. It involves strategically positioning props and furniture to enhance these features and selling points, and thus getting into the buyer’s mind to create a dream home and lifestyle. I think we can all agree that a home with no furniture, no lamps and no artwork would be considered very bare and to some, most unwelcoming. It is not surprising that a staged home tends to sell faster and achieve a higher price – it is filled with specific things to make the home seem more appealing to buyers!

For most people, a staged home will help them visualise the property’s potential. On the flip side, some may find visualising possibilities when the property is empty to be more appropriate for them. Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of property staging.

What are the advantages?

1. Staging makes the home feel more inviting. 
2. It allows prospective buyers to visualise what the home may be like for them. 
3. Staging creates an atmosphere and ambience in the room that is appealing.
4. A staged home photographs better than an empty home. 
5. A room always looks bigger with furniture in it. 
6. Staging will ensure the property is presented in its best possible way. 
7. Some experts suggest staging can increase the house price by 5-10%.What are the disadvantages?

What are the disadvantages?

1. Cost – staging a property will cost you money. Staging costs generally start at approximately $1500 for a small apartment and can cost $10,000 (or more) for a large house (5+ bedrooms). The cost will vary depending on the level of service you require, how large the property is, and the length of time your property is staged. 
2. Time – it will require time to hire the company, stage the property and disassemble at the end of the staging period. 
3. Some people may prefer to see a property empty. 

Should you engage a stylist/staging company?

Do first impressions count? I believe that they do. When you walk into a home that is inviting, warm and has a theme and character, there is an instant feeling of comfort and ease. When it comes to staging a property for sale, it is important to remember the person you employ for this job will have a background in interior design or interior decorating. They can identify the properties best qualities and accentuate them as necessary. If your property is totally empty, doing a staged jazz up for the sale will make your photos more appealing, thus attracting a larger pool or potential buyers. If staging will attract more buyers, make your rooms look larger, create an inviting atmosphere, present your home in the best possible way and potentially increase your house price by 5-10%, I say – give your house the BEST chance possible and go for it.