Checklist for moving to a new house:

Moving to a new house is often a very exciting event, however it can also produce a great deal of stress. It is not just the change that can cause stress, it is all the little things that need to be remembered so the move is a smooth and easy process. Due to coronavirus restrictions in Melbourne, most people will not be moving during the next couple of weeks, however when the time comes that you will be moving – being very organised is key!

4 weeks until moving day:


  • Create an inventory of everything you own. Make sure to note any scratches or marks on furniture. You can revert back this list if you suspect your furniture has been damaged on the move.
  • Dispose of everything you do not need and book a hard rubbish collection if you require.
  • Start to use up all frozen food in the freezer.
  • Finish all ingredients in open packets and those that will be expiring before your move date.
  • Make a list of all special items that will require special care on moving day.
  • Use or start disposing of all flammable liquids e.g. paint thinners, cleaning fluids, garden chemicals etc.
  • Sort through items that are stored in your garage, under the house or in your shed.
  • If necessary, research storage facilities and book. 
  • Book a removalist



2-3 weeks:


  • Arrange all packing materials (bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, tape, markers, butcher paper).
  • Arrange all mail to be redirected to your new address.
  • Contact the electoral office and notify them of your new address. 
  • Make arrangements to set up or transfer your utilities to your new address.
  • Start returning all rented or borrowed items.
  • Make an inventory of all items you will be carrying on your person (jewellery, passports, legal documents etc.)
  • If required, book a locksmith to change the locks to your new home. 
  • Make sure your new home is thoroughly cleaned (oven cleaned properly, steam cleaned carpets etc.)
  • Ensure the home you are leaving is throughout cleaned (oven cleaned properly, steam clean carpets etc.)
  • Contact all necessary authorities to let them know your new address. 
  • Discontinue or redirect all subscriptions and memberships e.g. newspaper, gym membership.
  • Collect dry cleaning. 
  • If moving on a workday, arrange to have that day off.
  • If required, organise babysitters for children.
  • Start packing. 


1 week:


  • Reconfirm necessary details with your removalist, real estate agent, lawyer. 
  • Water indoor plants and pack in plastic coverings. 
  • Set aside linen and towels for the first night in your new home. 
  • If possible, draw up a plan of what furniture will go where in your new house.


The day before:


  • Pack personal items bag.
  • Empty refrigerator and ensure the freezer is defrosted.
  • Ensure all appliance cords are unplugged and packed.


Move day:


  • Ensure everything is OFF the house you are leaving.
  • Ensure all meters are read and readings noted down at both houses. 
  • Check off all items/boxes on your inventory as they are packed into the truck.
  • Pack kitchen boxes in the truck last so they are the first off. 
  • Ensure all items are off the truck – check inventory. 
  • If necessary, return your keys to your real estate agent. 
  • Enjoy your new home!