How to make your home a plant paradise with indoor plants

Plants add life and colour to any environment, so if you are not blessed with a large outdoor area, indoor plants are a sure way to spruce up some liveliness into your home and purify the air. Indoor plants are suitable for any space, whether it be large or small, and believe it or not, there are many plants that require very little maintenance. If you have been avoiding indoor plants because you are concerned that they are too difficult to keep and will need daily care, think again and reconsider! The following is a list of 10 indoor plants that are survivors of all environments.

1. Air Plants

Air plants, or the technical term – Tillandsias, are a unique plant because they do not need soil to survive. They are a small plant that can look great on a shelf, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. They require some sunlight and a mist spray twice a week. 

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera – the medicinal plant! It is a great plant to keep around if you have a rash or sunburn so you can utilise the Aloe Vera properties in the plant. They are a part of the succulent family and prefer to be in direct sunlight. They are small potted plants that look great on window shelves. Aloe Vera is on NASA’S list of air purifying plants. 

3. Baby Toes

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These are cute little plants that are a part of the succulent family and require very minimal care. They are great for tabletop decor and don’t need direct sunlight to survive. Not surprisingly, their name stems from their unusual and small stature that some say resemble infant toes. 

4. Snake Plants

Peace Lilies are fantastic houseplants, the dark green leaves and vibrant white flowers will brighten up your space and clean the air of the room they are in. Peace Lilies function well in medium to low light environments. If you decide on a peace lily, make sure not to over-water it, just check it once a week to see if they need water – these plants are very tolerant to drought!

8. Devils Ivy

Devils Ivy will grow virtually anywhere! It is a tough plant that likes minimal light, out of direct sunlight, and requires little water. It is suitable for growing all year round and looks great in troughs and hanging baskets.

9. Banana Tree

The Banana Tree is best known for its large stature (5+ meters in height) and beautiful lush leaves. They are characterised as a tropical and sub-tropical plant that prefers direct sunlight but also can flourish in cooler temperature zones. 

10. Swiss Cheese Plant 

The Swiss Cheese plant, also known as the five holes plant, is native to Central and South America. It likes bright but indirect sunlight and doesn’t require daily watering. If you opt for the Swiss Cheese plant, do the “knuckles test” to determine if it requires water – put your knuckle in the soil to check the wetness and if it is nearly dry, water it.