Questions all vendors should ask:

Your Agent

  • What do I do if a prospective purchaser arrives at my home without the agent?
  • Are open homes a good idea?
  • Should we be in attendance during inspections?
  • How can we tell if an agent is trustworthy?
  • Are there any additional costs?
  • What is the current market like?
  • Is my agent experienced?


  • How much money should we spend on marketing our home to achieve the highest possible price?
  • Where should our home be advertised for sale?
  • Where do buyers come from?
  • How important is a signboard?


  • Does the interior require painting?
  • Would it be worthwhile having the garden improved?
  • Are flowers a good idea at open homes?
  • Do I need to install hire furniture?
  • Will I financially benefit from some refurbishment?