Burwood, originally known by the delightfully lyrical name of Ballyshanassy, Burwood came into being in May 1879, and has long been admired for its leafy, tree-line streets and its sobriety. The last bar door swung shut in 1920 and Burwood has remained a steadfastly dry zone ever since.  The south-east Melbourne suburb is also home ot the Presbyterian Ladies College, which has been finishing the cream of young Victorian womanhood for more than 125 years.

Burwood is a well established suburb well served by public transport. The Toorgona Village shopping centre is only a couple of kilometres west along Toorak Road, at which point you are only a brisk stroll from Melbourne’s wealthiest suburbs and some of the most magnificent homes in the city. While many of the grand old estates have been subdivided, enought National Trust-listed mansions and other stately homes remain to paint a graphic picture for the visitor of just how exclusive and majestic this part of Melbourne once was.