Home Activities


Keeping ourselves entertained and busy at home has never been more important than it is now. Coronavirus restrictions have meant that Melbourne residents are in a strict lockdown, with only 1 hour of exercise outside per day. 23 hours inside our homes leaves us with a lot of time to think, be lazy, binge watch tv, eat and drink, play board games, entertain our children and catch up on sleep! The activities just mentioned are of course OK for some period of time, but a lot of us are stuck with two questions – “how can I use this enforced time at home wisely and be productive?” and “what are some fun activities to do at home to keep entertained?”

Entertaining and unique activities to do at home:

1. Throw and indoor picnic

Set up your living room just like you’re having a picnic. Throw down a rug, pop open a bottle of wine (or two), make a delicious platter of cheese and meats, and enjoy the company of your housemates or family. An indoor picnic is a way to bring variety and fun to your afternoon and become closer to the people you live with.

2. Make your Christmas cards this year

Christmas is a special time of year for all families, and unfortunately given the coronavirus situation we don’t know how our Christmas will play out this year. Making your own Christmas cards to send to family and friends will be a nice warming activity to do at home and will absolutely put a smile on everyone’s face when they receive their card in December.

3. Research your next getaway

We don’t know when we will be able to travel internationally next, but there are many amazing places to see in Victoria and all over Australia. If you enjoy travelling and experiencing new places, researching and planning your next family or friend’s getaway is going to get you excited for the future and an adventure to come!

4. Host an international dinner party

Is there a cuisine you would like to try? Pick a cuisine with your family or housemates and research some tasty recipes and cultural practices around mealtime. Each person can be in charge of a dish or it can be done as a group. Enjoy the company of the people you are living with and whilst divulging in international food at your dinner party!

5, Build an obstacle course

This one may be more suited to the little people running around the house. An obstacle course can be set up inside or out in your garden. Use furniture and different items you find around your house for the children to crawl under, jump over and tiptoe on! A fun-filled way to get your children involved and keeping active.

Productive activities to do at home:

1. Review or create a personal development plan

Brainstorming and creating your own personal development plan will help you know where you want to be and how you plan to get there. Write down your aims and objectives. Assess your current realities, identify your skills and knowledge and make an accurate plan on how to achieve what you want.

2. Start a bullet journal

Bullet journaling is a method of personal organisation. Your bullet journal can comprise anything from scheduling, organisational tasks, goals, to-do lists and brainstorming. All of this personal information and thought is contained in the one compact journal using dot points.

3. Create a morning and evening routine

Write down what your current morning and evening routines looks like. Evaluate and develop a plan for changes you wish to make to your routines. Clearly identify what the new morning and evening routines will entail and implement your plan and monitor your progress.

4. Get healthy by starting a new physical activity

Starting a new physical activity at home has never been more accessible as it is now with online exercise platforms you can refer to. Set yourself a goal of how many minutes of new exercise you wish to do each day and keep track of your progress.

5. Go through your finances

Create a plan to pay off debts and learn how to grow your money.